Our goal is to help you find the things in your riding that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.  The DDC system is the next major advancement in rider coaching.  Gathering data allows us to remove opinion, and instead dissect your riding technique to find the root cause of what is holding you back.  Based on the data, you’ll get specific and measurable recommendations of things to work on.  Whether your goals are lap records or just becoming a safer street rider, the rider’s inputs are the biggest factor in achieving those goals.  By understanding your current technique, we can help you turn your weaknesses into strengths.  Come ride with us!



Motorcycles and bicycles have played a huge part in my life.  From the time I was a little kid riding my bike, finding ways to go fast has been a constant.  Motorcycles entered the picture pretty early on, but weren’t my main focus until my first track day in 2011.  I was hooked, and years of track days followed.  While it was fun, I never made much progress in lowering lap times.  It wasn’t until I finally made the leap to club racing that I quickly became aware of my own lack of skill.  Constant questioning, watching, and learning from expert level racers was helpful.  However, I was still left wondering… what were the things that the fast guys were doing that I was not?

As an engineer with 20+ years of product development in the medical device industry, my instinct was to research the problem and start experimenting.  Since no existing products were available, I cobbled together a device that recorded my on-bike movements.  By capturing this data, I was able to examine my riding technique, identify problems and ways to correct them.  This approach allowed me to rapidly progress through the ranks of club racing.  These days, I work as a coach with the Penguin Racing School and use the Data Driven Coaching system to help students ride faster, safer, and more confidently than they ever thought they could!



I have been programming and working with electronics since I was about 12 years old. While the closest I’ve come to riding a race bike was restoring a 1967 Puch Moped, I have always had a deep passion for things that move. As the son of an ex-mechanic, I love fixing, restoring, and modifying off-road vehicles, but I’m perfectly content working with anything that has an engine. I attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA where I double majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. As a product development engineer in the medical device industry, I specialize in Systems engineering, PCB design, and programming. When I was first approached about the project, the opportunity to apply my professional skills in a space where my hobbies lie was extremely exciting. 

I started at Data Driven Coaching in 2019 when it was a personal passion project of Jeff who was looking to improve his lap times at the track. Since then, we have iterated and evolved the system to help anyone at any skill level ride better. I am in charge of designing, programming, and assembling the circuitry behind the Data Driven Coaching system, where I use my experience designing life saving medical devices to ensure a safe and accurate system.